Woman on a Mission

A Letter from Hattie

My Baby Class was born from a vision of offering women the information and support they need during pregnancy, through welcoming, friendly antenatal classes that are comprehensive and modern in approach. I’m not here to tell you what to do, judge you, or make you feel bad – and have no desire to!  When we’re first-time mums, it can seem as though advice is thrown at us from all angles, and it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming trying to sift through it to find evidence-based, reliable and accurate information. As an experienced midwife, I’ve seen first-hand what pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks entail, so I have a wealth of professional expertise to hand on, and valuable insights to share. I also remember my own first-time-mum nerves – even midwives aren’t immune! laughing

Through My Baby Class, I want to share wise words, top tips, potential challenges and the moments you will cherish; from mum to mum, from midwife to mum-to-be. I plan to help make the transition from expectant mum to motherhood as smooth as possible, so I’ve done all that sifting for you and created comprehensive classes that offer you lots of information, advice and support for your exciting journey to birth and beyond! After completing the course, I hope you will be empowered to make your decisions confidently; what is best for you and your baby. There is no right and wrong: this is your baby and your journey. I will just be holding your hand through it and linking you with other like-minded women on the same journey.

I hope in years to come, you will remain friends with those you met during our classes; the ‘babies’ have flown the nest and you are having a coffee together, reminiscing about your antenatal classes, about early parenting days, the play dates, the joys of potty training (don’t get new carpets when you have tiny humans), your child’s first day at school, your teen leaving high school, and everything in between – the highs and the lows!

I can’t wait to welcome My Baby Class women and their partners/birth partner coming to classes and drinking tea, eating cake and laughing. I want to create an honest and realistic space for you to ask all the questions you really want to know the answers to (yes, women do poo in labour – but it’s normal, and I will explain why!) while hopefully forming life-long friendships!

Although for now, the classes are online, which isn’t how I imagined it, we will make the best out of it by nature (we are positive and determined!), and I am extremely excited for when we can have our sessions in person!

What do you hope to get from My Baby Class sessions? Please let me know your ideas smile

Can’t wait to meet you,

Hattie x

P.S. I made the cake in the picture, and will be baking for the classes once we are face-to-face!