Our Mantra

Our Mantra

Knowledge, Competence and Confidence


My Baby Class is passionate about delivering high quality, evidence-based information through our comprehensive antenatal classes. The aim is to provide you with information covering key aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and very importantly; life with your new baby. It is crucial that you understand your options and what these mean. We encourage you to inform us of specific topics you would like covered and we endeavour to incorporate them. This is knowledge.

Do you want to stride into parenting understanding what is normal for a new baby, what they need and why, breastfeeding tips, bottle feeding advice, how to change a nappy and bathe your tiny human? Do you want you to know about infant feeding, the different stools for a baby and what these mean, feeding cues and how often to feed your baby and why? This doesn’t mean everything will go to plan or always run smoothly, but having the awareness and knowledge about potential challenges will ideally mean you are prepared and remain positive. This is competence.

With this abundance of information, you should to be empowered to make decisions about your labour, birth and parenting journey. My Baby Classes provide resources and information allowing you to understand what the options may mean for the next step, the terminology used by medical staff, the processes, the physiology of normal birth, why things can deviate and what this means. We want to guide you through this special time and support you when you need a midwife’s knowledge and insight. From these sessions, gaining a wealth of early parenting knowledge and skills, such as changing nappies, holding baby, winding baby, bathing, safe sleeping should make for a smoother transition to life with your new baby. This is confidence.

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