Meet Harriet

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor

A few years after qualifying as a midwife, and having supported women throughout pregnancy and birth, I began to notice how much yoga could help them on their journey to motherhood. Watching undisturbed and active births at home, and on birth centres, really opened my eyes to how much the positions we choose to birth in, can affect the experience and outcomes. There really is so much magic and power to be found in going back to the basics of positioning and making simple adjustments in pregnancy or labour, so I decided to train as a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, to maximise my knowledge of ways to support women.

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful tailor-made way of keeping active in pregnancy, while making adaptations for the changing body. Yoga can help to ease common symptoms of pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain, sciatica and swollen ankles, as well as helping mothers become more familiar with their pregnancy body. The positions and flows used in yoga really help to guide baby into an optimal position for birth, much like animals would, using all fours and movement to encourage baby into the easiest position to navigate the pelvis. The social aspect of yoga is also wonderful; many of my students have all kept in touch and meet up with their babies, and it offers a calm and relaxed space in which to share stories and tips on pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Mums-to-be attend my classes for a variety of reasons, and all of them find it really beneficial to dedicate just an hour of time to themselves to connect with their baby. Any time a mother sits and thinks of her baby, this helps with bonding and their baby’s brain development in the womb, all while Mum gets to relax too!

One element of yoga I really love is meditation and breathwork, and the amazing benefits of these for pregnancy and birth. I wanted to further develop my skills in this area, so undertook a meditation teacher training course, which has been invaluable for myself during a pandemic, as well as my clients. Simple breath techniques are so powerful for calming anxiety, relaxing, and for coping with the stages of labour. I love reading a message from my clients, saying how helpful they found the visualisations or breathing tips on their big day!

Due to great feedback from my guided relaxations at the end of class, I now write and record pregnancy and postnatal meditations, for mums to enjoy in their own time, and it’s great to know that they can carry all the benefits of yoga and meditation into motherhood.

I can’t wait to share yoga with all the mums who join My Baby Class, it’s going to be so lovely to meet new faces and share the benefits with you all.  My Baby Class is exactly the sort of course I would recommend to all mothers, you’re going to love it!